5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A CPA For Your Start-Up

January 24, 2022    accountantinperth

Starting your own business can be an exciting idea, especially if you want to be your own boss. You can make important business decisions, recruit employees, and meet top-class business personalities to discuss plans. However, considering these responsibilities, you can understand that you should always have a set and planned structure to ensure the smooth running of your business, no matter how big or small it is. One of the important business aspects is business finance.

As you will be taking care of numerous other activities, hiring a professional to handle business cash flow, account books, and tax compliance will be better. This blog focuses on five key reasons you should consider hiring a small business accountant in Perth.

5 Key Reasons Why You Must Hire An Accountant For Your Start-Up

In Australia, professionals who deal with business finances and accounting are known as CPAs (certified professional accountants). It means they must have proper qualifications.

Whether you require a CPA will depend on your individual situation. But experts usually advise that you consider this factor while drafting your business budget plan.

There are five important reasons for hiring a CPA in Perth.

It Will Save You Time

It is not unnatural for you to know the basics of business finances and taxation as a business person. With that confidence, you may think of doing the tax-related activities all by yourself. But as doing taxes consumes so much time, it may impact your business cash flow.

For example, the cost of your business time is about $100 per hour. In that case, if you spend eight hours on taxes at the end of the financial year, you are losing about $800 from your business. Also, as you are not a specialist in this job, there is always a risk of making vital mistakes.

On the other hand, when you hire a CPA, they can look after all these tasks. It will help you focus more on your other important business matters when you know that your business taxation is in safe hands. This way, an accountant will help you generate more revenue.

A More Realistic View Of Your Business Plan Will Be Available

Many entrepreneurs come up with excellent business ideas. But, one thing everyone must keep in mind is that no matter how good the ideas are, they must suit the entrepreneurs’ personal situations.

Keeping a CPA from the beginning stage of your business planning will ensure a more realistic view of your business plan. It happens because, based on the reports and financial projections they have, they can provide you with professional advice important for developing an effective business strategy.

You Can Understand Your Business Finances Much Better

The size of your business will not remain the same after a few years as what it is today. With time, it will grow, and a point will come where you will not have much time to look after every facet of your enterprise. Hiring an accountant will help you not lose track of your finances.

A professional small business accountant can provide you with real-time financial reports from which you can understand the current financial status of your company. It will help you stay aware of your company’s revenue stream and cash flow.

You Can Choose The Most Suitable Business Structure

There are four key small business structures in Australia, including sole trader, partnership, company, and trust. You can choose your business structure according to your business requirements. A professional CPA can explain the factors you must consider to identify the most suitable business structure.

The Chances Of Business Loan Approval Will Increase

Whenever you want to take a loan for your business, the loan provider will want to make sure that you can give the money back. With an accountant’s assistance, you can provide figures to the bank to support your loan application. In addition to it, an accountant can also help you choose the right type of loan.

Apart from these, there are other important reasons, including correct handling of financial records, keeping up-to-date with taxation laws, and filling out compliance documents.

How Can You Hire An Accountant For Your Start-Up?

Once you decide to hire a professional accountant for your new start-up, you must proceed carefully. Hiring a qualified accountant leads to a decent investment, and that is why making a hurry is not ideal.

First, you have to sit and figure out your organization’s exact needs, the type of individuals you will recruit in your company, what their responsibilities will be, and what you will offer.

Considering all these factors, you must now write a perfect accountant job description that will catch the attention of the right professionals. Usually, in the case of a start-up, salaries are lower than what they can expect to receive at established firms. Not only that, but they may also have to work for long hours. However, the good thing about a start-up is that this type of arrangement gives workers more flexibility in their daily activities. Also, it will be great for them to feel that they are making significant contributions to building something big from the start.

After a few days, you will receive several applications, which you have to review. As the business owner, you will always want to recruit top individuals to ensure the safety of your business finances. So, in the interview, you must look for their experience and technical skills necessary for a start-up. However, you must not neglect their soft skills, too, as those can come in handy in specific situations.

Remember that your primary objective to hire a CPA at an early phase of your company’s development is getting essential help drafting an appropriate growth trajectory and preventing issues that sometimes go unnoticed. As it involves a handsome investment, hiring must be done wisely.

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